Being Indian and Bamboo (Classified under the Grass Family) were the inspiration Indigrass– which means Indian Grass. Indigrass Ecoinfra Private Limited is an organization promoting and providing “Green i.e. Environment friendly and cost effective, solutions”through research, sourcing, networking, manufacturing and execution, for a sustainable way of living that is living in harmony with nature. The Indigrass concept, a dream of a well-built group of committed youths and https://www.areaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/accutane.html
eminent personalities of various fields,aims to introduce to consumers the evolution of Bamboo, from its traditional uses, to stylish, innovative eco-friendly solutions right from housing to clothing and life style products, at essays an affordable price.We believe growth as an evolving mechanism through continuous efforts. Our customers experience our core values in every products or services that we deliver them.

Indigrass Ecoinfra Private Limited has started its manufacturing unit at Goa, with a vision to not only promote the “Made in India” concept, but at the same time ensure the development of the local rural villagers through Training and Development programmes as well as employment.

Our products include Lifestyle Products, Cottages and Outdoor Structures, and handicrafts, made from bamboo as well as Bamboo Plastic Composite (A material made from waste bamboo and plastic), and Bamboo clothing, made from Bamboo Fibre (A fibre which is Antibacterial, Highly sweat absorbent, Powerfully insulating, Naturally UV protectant, Hypoallergenic and the paper writer most eco-friendly fabric on the planet), which makes the products eco-friendly, cost-effective, and durable.